Our Company

At Emsi, we believe that the key to creating a better national economy is to achieve better connectivity between education providers, economic developers and employers at the local and regional level. Our vision is to facilitate this connectivity by joining these sectors together through the common language of data. To achieve this, we employ a team of expert economists, data scientists and software programmers to build a dataset that is not only highly granular and extremely robust, but also accessible and easy to use.

Emsi was founded in Idaho in 2000 and now serves clients in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Our Data

Our data is the foundation of everything we do. Find out more.

Our Core Values

Bless the Customer

We provide data and services that help people promote economic prosperity in their organisations and communities.

Bless the Employee

We strive to have a culture in which our employees become better people by working here and subsequently bless others financially and otherwise.

Bless the Shareholder

We believe that blessing customers and employees is the best way to drive profitability and long-term stability for the shareholders.