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Our entire business is focused on helping people succeed. Come work with us!

We're looking for top-notch workers who are passionate about our three core values:

Bless the customer

The point of data isn’t data. The point of data is helping others. After all, the economy is about people, right? Economic data is just a tool that helps you relate to people. So even if you aren’t passionate about data, if you’re passionate about blessing others, you’ll fit right in!

Bless the employee

You are one of our top priorities. We genuinely want you to enjoy your work environment, succeed in your job, and grow as a person. And we want to hear your ideas! We will learn from you and invest in you for as long or short as you are at Emsi, setting you up better for your next position...wherever you go.

Bless the shareholder

If we do a good job blessing our customers and employees, then we will bless our shareholders too. Blessing our customers means money in the bank. Blessing our employees means they work together as a team and contribute to Emsi’s growth and success! It’s a win-win-win.

Why our employees love working at Emsi


Energetic, innovative, fast-paced, joyful, disciplined, industrious, downright fun. We founded Emsi 20 years ago in order to create good jobs in a town where there were virtually zero. That spirit—our desire to bless families who desire to live in a fantastic community—still shapes everything we do. That’s the culture of Emsi. We love working at Emsi because we love our mission and it is a mission worth doing.

image of Emsi culture
image of Emsi career


We care more about your skills and less about your job title. We don’t lock you inside the box of your job description. We want you to step outside, experiment, find new problems to solve, and let your role grow with you. And whatever you do at Emsi, you will be in a better position to move forward in your career.


Emsi is located in downtown Moscow, Idaho: a small college town in the heart of the rolling wheatfields of the Palouse. The roads are quiet, the ambience idyllic, and the eateries—especially for a town this tiny—truly out of this world.

image of downtown Moscow

Perks and benefits

Work/life balance

We offer flexible work schedules that allow you to have a great family life outside of Emsi, which in turn better equips you to bless our customers.


Christmas is Emsi's biggest extravaganza. We put up a 50-foot tree, throw an enormous party for our employees, and give away $10K to the people of Moscow in a city-wide decoration contest!


Right off the bat, you receive two weeks of paid vacation time every year. These two weeks increase up to four, based on the longevity of your employment.

Health & wellness

Medical, dental, and vision coverage? You got it. For you and your dependents? You bet! We also provide 401K, life insurance, and short- and long-term disability.

Parental leave

We love babies! Mothers receive six weeks of paid leave, and fathers receive two. Stay home and enjoy the new addition to your family!


Emsi offers over two weeks of paid holidays a year—including Good Friday and Easter Monday. We also close the office for the full week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

The hiring process: What to expect

We want to make sure not only that we understand your skills, but that you understand who we are and whether you would enjoy this job! We’re looking for people to whom Emsi will be a blessing, and who will be a blessing to Emsi in return.

Submit your resume and fill out an application

Apply for a specific job or submit a general resume. We use a human process so your resume won’t get lost or ignored. Your resume is reviewed by our HR team, not a machine!

Meet Emsi

We will contact you and set up a meeting so that we can get to know you better and you can get to know us! Typically this involves meeting with HR to get the conversation started so that we can answer any initial questions you may have.

Meet the team

You will meet your potential future manager and a few other stakeholders and team members at Emsi. You also might take home a sample project so you can try your hand at your potential future job. This is all so we can evaluate your skills and discover what you’re interested in!

Meet the leadership

What’s unique about our hiring process is that you get to meet with at least one member of Emsi’s senior leadership. We have a very collaborative atmosphere and they want to know who’s joining the team!

Get your job offer

You made it! We’ll send you a job offer. This usually happens on the same day that you meet with Emsi leadership, possibly a few days after. Welcome to Emsi! We're happy to have you, and excited to see how you shape our company!

If you're an awesome person and a hard worker, we want to hire you!