Our Data

Our data is at the heart of what we do. Created from a collection of three Government sources, which we combine to provide multi-layered cross-checking, our data is updated every year to give a robust and up-to-date look at labour market conditions across Australia. It is the most complete, accurate and reliable source of labour market information available today.

Why Emsi Data?

We give a full, contextualised view of the labour market, from the national level right down to the Statistical Area 3, blending historical and projected industry and occupation trends to give you a window onto any area you want to better understand. Highlights of our data include:

Highly Granular

Our data scientists use algorithms to remove the suppressions that are inherent in Government data, lifting the lid on detail at the most granular industry, occupation and regional levels.

Full Coverage

Our data includes all full-time and part-time employees throughout the country.

Single Source

Our complete dataset is housed in one online tool, Analyst, meaning that there is no need to jump between Government sites and other data providers.

Trends and Forecasts

Our data includes historic data going back as far as 2001, as well as forecast data out to 2020, giving users a complete picture of the direction of travel in the economy they are looking at.

What Does It Include?

Our data comprises all 292 industry and 474 occupation classifications across all regions of the country. This means that you can look at the most generic industries and occupations (ANZSIC and ANZSCO 1), or drill right down to the to the most specific (ANZSIC 3 and ANZSCO 4), at the national, state, statistical area 4, and statistical area 3 levels. In addition, staffing patterns allow users to see the occupational make up of any industry for any area, whilst inverse staffing patterns allow users to pick any occupation and identify the industries that employ people in this role.

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