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Deliver valuable insights directly to your customers, the moment they need it, within your own software.

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A better customer experience, complete with useful labor market insights to help your customers make better decisions.

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screenshots of Emsi's tools
screenshots of Emsi's tools

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View our current partners and see how their relationship with Emsi can solve your problems today.

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Partnerships, done easy

Option 1

Use Emsi APIs to enrich
your data.

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Your Data

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Your Product

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Ideal for customers wanting to normalize data or adopt Emsi Skills.

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Option 2

Use our APIs to integrate raw Emsi data directly into your system.

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Our Data

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Your Branding

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Powerful and Effective

Ideal if you want to control the look and feel of Emsi data within your applications.

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Option 3

Integrate our software
directly into yours.

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Our Data

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Our Product

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Fast and Easy

Ideal if you’d like to quickly incorporate a few reports.

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