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Skills-Based General Education Image

The Case for Skills-Based General Education

Most students go to college to learn skills in their major, and the skills conversation reflects this. The value of general education is often overlooked next to the obvious utility of major-specific courses.

Demographic Drought Image

The Demographic Drought

As we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, another, more slow moving cataclysm is on the horizon. The US is on the brink of a sansdemic—a lack of people that will soon impact every business, college, and region.

Resignations and Remote Work Image

Resignations and Remote Work

Since the 2020 COVID pandemic, the economy has experienced major shifts in the labor force. At a time when mass layoffs have been unfortunately common, there hasn’t been much attention given to resignation activity—voluntary turnover.

Drivers Wanted Image

Drivers Wanted

Drivers are indispensable to our lifestyle. Between 2019 and 2020 alone, there were over 14 million job postings for truck drivers. In other words, they are in extremely high demand, and failure to meet this demand over the long term will have widespread consequences.

Top Skills 2021 Image

Top Skills for 2021

In this post we identify the top skills for 2021, based on the skills requested or required in hundreds of thousands of job postings during 2019-2020. These in-demand skills fall into three categories.

Skills Required ebook cover

Skills Required

Whether it’s employers looking to hire or job seekers looking for work, having the right skills is key in today’s economy. In fact, work-relevant skills are fast becoming the primary language and currency of the labor market — the best way to communicate value in a skill-based economy.

2020 Talent Attraction Scorecard cover gif

Fifth Annual Talent Attraction Scorecard

This year’s Talent Attraction Scorecard unpacks how early data suggests existing trends in remote work and large city out-migration have been accelerated by COVID-19.

Resilient Skills thumbnail

Resilient Skills

As Isaiah Berlin famously said: “A fox knows many things. A hedgehog knows one big thing.” The resilient worker is both fox and hedgehog: they know a little about many things, and they know a lot about one or two subject matters. They are both specialist and generalist.

Cybersecurity thumbnail

Build (Don't Buy): A Skills-Based Strategy to Solve the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

The US has less than half of the cybersecurity candidates it needs to keep up with ever intensifying demand. For every 100 active postings, there are a mere 48 qualified candidates. So how can we solve the cybersecurity talent crisis?

Emsi Health Risk Index thumbnail

The Emsi Health Risk Index

Using Social Determinants of Health to Fight COVID-19 and Get the Economy Back on Its Feet.

Remote Workers thumbnail

How Communities Can Attract and Retain Remote Workers

Attracting remote workers can be a great compliment to other economic development strategies. Learn how to attract them to your community!

Using Skills thumbnail

Using Skills to Strengthen Regions

Speaking the common language of skills can bring educators, companies, and workforce/economic developers together to address the talent needs of a specific region or industry.

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The New Geography of Skills: Regional Skill Shapes for the New Learning Ecosystem

Strada Institute for the Future of Work, in partnership with Emsi, introduces the concept of skills shapes, a real-time analysis of the labor market.

Article thumbnail image

Sourcing With Skills: Where Companies Should Hire Marketing, PR, and Sales Talent

The education-to-career pathway is non-linear, and these critical business roles are filled by people from a diverse array of degrees.

Article thumbnail image

Degrees at Work: Examining the serendipitous outcomes of diverse degrees

The real-world labor market outcomes of STEM, humanities, and business grads show some surprising similarities.

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Robot-Ready: Human+ Skills for the Future of Work

Emsi and Strada’s new research looks at the labor market outcomes of liberal arts graduates and the uniquely “human” skills they bring to employers.

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Which Communities are Winning the War for Talent?

Discover how well small and large counties are attracting talent in Emsi’s third annual Talent Attraction Scorecard

Article thumbnail image

How Your School Affects Where You Live

Where do graduates move after college? Ivy League grads move to the big cities. Community college grads stay close to home. But what about everyone else?

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Should We Offer a Data Science Program? A New Way to Discover Program Niches

Data science is everywhere these days. Think about millions of Americans shopping, banking, traveling, and networking on our ubiquitous technologies.

2019 Talent Attraction Scorecard cover

Fourth Annual Talent Attraction Scorecard

In communities big or small, urban or rural, talent is on the move to opportunity and lifestyle. In our Fourth Annual Talent Attraction Scorecard we examine and rank the US Counties that are both capturing this movement of talent, and developing their existing workforce.

Article thumbnail image

The Top 10 Skills In Demand at the Top 10 U.S. Companies

What skills do you need to work at top U.S. companies like Amazon, Apple, Exxon Mobil, and Walmart? Emsi analyzed millions of online job postings to see what skills these companies want and how they’ve changed over time. Hint: management is a popular one.

Article thumbnail image

Diversified Economies Matter: How One State Is Making It Happen

From Madison, WI, to Elkhart, IN, which metros are the most and least diverse? New rankings, research, and a Nevada success story demonstrate the impact diverse economies have on long-term success.

Article thumbnail image

Three Reasons Why the U.S. Is Running Out of Pilots

The U.S. will need to train 87 new pilots every day for the next 20 years to meet growing demand.

Article thumbnail image

Manufacturing Is Not Dead

In our newest research, we consider domestic manufacturing’s post-recession renaissance, and analyze the critical skills required for the modern production worker.

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