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3 Steps to Matching Your Course Offering to Regional Job Growth

Tuesday 5th July, 4pm

The debate around skills gaps tends to be focused on skills shortages across the nation as a whole. However, this approach is never going to provide adequate solutions, as skills requirements differ from region to region. For TAFEs to rise to the challenge, they are going to have to get better at:

  • Identifying skills demand at their regional level
  • Understanding how it fits into wider industry trends
  • Connecting their courses occupations and employer needs
  • In this webinar we’ll show you how.


    Where do Your Graduates Really End up?

    Thursday 12th July, 4pm

    Whatever reasons your students might give for coming to your university, central to their thinking will be the hope that by getting a degree, their life chances will be enhanced. But do you know what your graduates do, where they go, and which employers they work for? Is there a connection between their degrees and the jobs they do years down the line? In this webinar we’ll show you how professional profile data can unlock some of these questions, and how this can help you in your course portfolio planning and employer outreach.

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