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Emsi’s reputation rests on the high quality of our labour market data.

Historically, there have been two main options for accessing employment data in Australia. You can rely on the high-level Labour Force Surveys, which are released monthly but lack granularity, or you can pull data from the Census, which provides more regional detail but is only released every five years (and two years late). Emsi solves this dilemma. Taking the strengths from each of these sources, we harmonize them to create one picture so you can have access to complete

current, and granular employment data. Further, Emsi models data from the Department of Employment Projections to create reliable five-year projections of future employment trends. Leaving you with historic data reaching back to 2001 that accounts for 362 geographies, 292 industries, and 474 occupations within Australia. That way, you have a clear and comprehensive picture of Australian workers, the forest and the trees, every year.


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